We are involved in the Jacksons Crossroads amethyst deposit, currently being mined by our partner
Terry Ledford of Mountain Gems & Minerals

We are continuing to find new amazing amethyst specimens!

Come see at the Holiday Inn at the Denver show
Holiday Inn -- Denver Central,
4849 Bannock St., Denver CO. Located at the intersection of I-25 and I-70.

September 12th - 16th      Room # 322

(Mining Pictures below!)

To find amethyst at Jackson's Crossroads, Terry has to dig a DEEP hole!

The ground looks blank to us, but Terry knows better!

WAIT! I think I see something!

YES! It's purple!

Carefull extraction is always neccessary.

Every crumble of dirt must be examined thoroughly.

'cause that sticky Georgia clay loves to hide them crystals!

and gems!

and clusters!

Good thing the expert - Terry knows how to look for them!

They clean up nice!

and occasionally there are surprises!

LUNCH TIME! - it must be Meat day!